When I Die (Death Notes)

When I breath my last, let no dirge be sung. When I’m pronounced dead, let no lamentation be done. Let no generous Jeremiahs turn jeremiad upon my corpse. Let no singers sing-sung my praises. I say, when I die, speak no ill of me; for I was but bones and flesh; I lived the way I knew best.
When I die, bury me with a thousand books. And surplus of pen; full of semen. When I breathe the last, interred me with books found around. When I die, let no eyes-water be shed; for I owe nobody tears.
No mourning; I only die here to continue in another realm. Here short, thereafter longer. Jaat lives forever. When I die, be happy for me; for I will see Mother soon. That is the greatest bliss….
Ko ye won, yio ye won….When I die, no tears for me. I stare Malaikul-Mawti in the eyes; he looks with cold stares. “How very ‘lucky’ he is; there’s no 365 and half days he didn’t escape death at least thrice”, they say of me. Ay! Have escaped Death surplus times. I heard Babble of the heavenly congregation, without behold them. I flirt with the Agent, without feast….Pity me not…Asarail and myself have been as close as door and wall…Ko ye won…ko ye won.
When I grasp the last…escort me not with tears, for By deserve none. I know what parts of my body has incurred while active. I shall be judged accordingly. Your tears are no effect…ko ye won…ko ye won…
I say, I hang not in purgatory; I’m behold the place. Nor would I be in the Dark Market behind God’s backyard. Only the dead patronise it, only the spiritual winged-beings (terrestrial birds) flock the market.
When I die, clad me islamically, for Allah owns me….I afraid not of Death. Oh, I say I braven my heart against the pains after which they are no more. I only fear where my handiworks would lead me eventually to: Bliss of pleasures or fury of fires.
When I die, mock me not, for Death is the natural doom of all mortals. Mother Earth will miss me not, it’s only one person less.

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(c) Jimoh Taofik Adekunle
Jimson Jaat Taofik
The MAD Writer: Pen Priest
Facebook: Jimoh Taofik Adekunle
Twitter: @jimsonjaat01
Gmail: [email protected]
April 7, 2019



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