VIDEO: Davido Arrests Girls Who Falsely Accused Him On Social Media

Nigerian musician David Adeleke carried out his threat to ensure the arrest of two Nigerian women who accused him last week of impregnating and abandoning one of them.

The two women appeared in a viral video that circulated on social media last week. The duo, Susan and Helen, claimed Mr Adeleke (a.k.a. Davido) abandoned one of them after her pregnancy and declined further communications and responsibility for the purported pregnancy.

Mr Adeleke denied having anything to do with the women on his social media accounts and threatened to get them arrested and locked up.

He threatened to sue them for N30 billion which they would have to produce while locked up at the maximum security prisons in Kirikiri.

He also placed a N1 million bounty on the women, asking his followers to go after them and ensure that they get taught a lesson.

The women subsequently posted two videos apologising to Mr Adeleke and claiming that none of them was impregnated by him.

Mr Adeleke, who welcomed another child with his new wife recently, did not acknowledge the women’s apologies. Many of his fans urged him to forgive the ladies, while others said he should follow through on the matter and use them as scape goats.

On Tuesday afternoon, a video showing Susan and Helen in handcuffs surfaced on social media. The footage was taken at the ladies’ apartment in Lagos, and it showed them being threatened by a man whose voice was in the background.

It was unclear whether the voice of the man heard threatening the women was that of a police officer or a private individual. The video was first posted on Instagram by ‘Special Spesh’, an associate of Mr Adeleke’s.

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Following a barrage of attacks against Mr Adeleke, he posted a tweet calling the women ‘idiots’ and asking that they be released. Many of his fans praised him for his benevolence.

But it remained unclear who actually arrested the women.

The arrest was carried out in Lagos on Tuesday afternoon, according to one of Mr Adeleke’s associates who spoke with Journalists on Tuesday night.

The associate, who identified himself as ‘Creative Yute’, said the women have since been released, and absolved his principal of any involvement because he was “not in the country.”

But the police in Lagos said they did not know about the arrest and suggested that Mr Adeleke might have taken the laws into his hands.

“We have no official records of the arrest in our command,” Lagos police spokesperson Bala Elkanah, told newsmen. “It could be a case of some people taking the laws into their hands.”





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