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Understand Feminism


The ideation of Feminism is opaque to so many people, the idea followers inclusive. Because additions and subtractions have formed distorted conception of the whole thing, so much that the original foundation of the whole thing is misgiven.

In a nutshell, Feminism advocates for equal rights of the two sexes. The whole concept is on the perception that the females have been taking as “third class citizens” from the onset. When I say the onset, I mean it goes back as far as the Garden of Eden’s time. Feminism queries why should Adam (a man) should be created first. Why should God said, “let’s create unto Man a ‘partner’, ‘a helper’, ‘a companion’, etc – whatever adjective your version of the Bible says. Why should men be made to be messengers, prophets, leaders (political/religious), kings, chiefs and notable members of the society. Feminism questions why should these be.

The whole idea frowns at women being frows, being taken as home designated-materials, as “kitchen managers”, “sexual materials”. Feminism talks about “the norm that ought to be”. About women taken their own rightful place in the systems of things. Feminists ask that the veil of secrecy be lowered – even torn – to make women be in the know.

However, it must be note that Feminism is now taking a turn for absurdity. It is currently being mixed with antitheism. Some feminists believe God has been partial, neglect, and uncaring to womenfolk. If He is just, as claimed, why putting women on the back bench? Male leadership cut across religions – Buddhism, Shikkism, Hinduism, Taoism, Jainism, even Abrahamic Faiths (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Mormonism, and Baha’i Faith), in all of these, men obviously take the lead.

Feminism don’t want more of that.
In the same vein, Feminists pose a threat to man-supremacy. They challenge his authority and question his decisions. Some even try – and sometimes succeed – to (in) capsizing Man’s established dynasty.

Feminism is even avail to all. It stares us all at face – even in sayings like, “what a man can do, a woman can do it better”, “ladies first”, etc. Needless I split rhetorics on the two; both are self explanatory. But, could it be said Feminists seek elevation than their gender counterpart.

They seem to want beyond equal right.

It is understood that some won’t even want the adjective ‘wife’, because they reason by ‘wife’ they are being referred to as someone else ‘s property. Some refuse to change fathers’ name to husband’s family after wedding. Some would argue that their husbands must be in the kitchen with them while cooking, because women aren’t created to be “kitchened”. Some wouldn’t want their husbands to be the ones paying for it all – “for if equal right should be achieved, equal responsibilities must be allocated.” Some don’t even know what to believe.

But why growing Feministic?

I once wrote: “of what use is to compare two things that differ physically, psychologically, sexually, physiologically and other llies? Two beings that don’t have same attributes, that don’t perform same functions, carry same responsibilities BUT are asking be accorded the same treatment, acceptance and recognition. This is one argument that doesn’t suppose to see the light of the day in Africa. Two beings clamouring for equal right, or rather one sex-gender feels ‘cheated’, ‘disregarded’ and snubbed, thus seeks be given the same treatments as extend to its gender counterpart.

“Come to think of it; one is a logical being, the other has verbal prowess, the former does more of quiet meditation/reasoning and the latter has verbal prowess. One is physically stronger than the other, one loves attention/praises than the other. One is moved by sight, one is moved by ears. What’s comparing, anyway? And can equality be given to two things that are not of same hierarchy, substance and ‘ingridients’?

In Western world, feminism is so taken up to a stage of absurdity that the feminists, especially women challenge as much as Divinity. They ask why 98℅ of leaders, prophets, messengers in the Bible were men. Al-Qur’an of the Muslims states clearly that Allah (God) sent no one as prophets and or messengers except men (Suratul-Yusuf).”

In conclusion, not all of them reach the state of absurdity, not all of them grow antithetical, not all of them wouldn’t take the adjective’wife’, etc. Some are just ‘peaceful’ advocates for recognition.

Jimson Jaat Taofik
Facebook: Jimoh Taofik Adekunle
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