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UDUS Faculty Of Law Celebrates Intellectual Property Day, Holds An Expository Event In Commemorating The Day



Faculty of Law, Usman Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, yesterday, Friday, 26th of April, celebrates with the world, Intellectual Property Day and held an expository event in commemoration of the day. World Intellectual property day is observed globally, annually on every 26th of April to celebrate Intellectual Property role in energising creativity. 26th of April was chosen for the celebration of the day because the event of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 2000 in raising awareness of how Intellectual Property impacts society was in accord with the date on which the Convention establishing the said organization came into force in 1970.

The 3-hour program came up at University Auditorium, Main Campus from 9am to 12pm which witnessed the presence of prominent men of high caliber on legal field and other field. The program also had in attendance the legal reservoirs of Faculty of Law, Fodiyo Varsity. The program was tagged with lecture, debate and drama which mainly exposed the challenges of intellectual ignorance in our society and how those challenges can be curbed.

The debaters, the team of two-two, supporting and opposing on the topic – “Intellectual Property Rights are necessary to stimulate research and development in developing countries” showcased their prowess and powerful points to convinced the audience how unnecessary or otherwise Intellectual Property Rights ought to be maintained. The second speaker, 400 Level Student, Abdulwasiu Mujeeb of supporting team bagged best speaker with 62 points.

The drama, in its amusing and sarcastic nature, also showcased and mirrored our society that is dainty with intellectual fraud by ignoramuses whose stock-in-trade and behaviour is to rob intellectuals’ products of high Intellectuals. The dusk of the drama sees to rationale of Intellectual Property Law, and recommendations in point of law as a role played by one flat character.

Faculty of Law also gave awards to special quests of honour, the prominent attendees and absentees. Absentees’ awards were received by their representatives. Those prominent men were Suleiman Usman SAN, the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Sokoto. Professor A. U. Junaid, Hon. Commissioner, Ministry of Animal Health and Fisheries Development, Sokoto State. John Asien, Director General, Nigerian Copyright Commission. The Trademark Registrar, Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment FCT, Abuja. Director General, National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion. Dr. J.J. Kur, from Faculty of Law, Benue State University.

The Guest Lecturer of the event, Professor M.K. Waziri from Faculty of Law, University of Abuja, presents and delivered a well researched, scintillating and educative lecture on the topic – “The Role of Intellectual Property in Creating a Modern State: Nigeria in Perspective” which exposed the nexus between Intellectual Property and development of nations. The presentation gave a pose to foreign countries and discusses current status of Intellectual Property in Nigeria. The presentation was ended with recommendations that could serve as a roadmap for Nigeria to turn to modern state, with effective Intellectual Property Policy.

While speaking with the coordinator of the event, Dr. Muhammed Murtala Aminu, who is also a lecturer teaching Intellectual Property Law to students of law, Fodiyo Varsity about creating any club or an association relating to Intellectual Property. He maintained that they are currently working on it and hoped on God.

He said: “Actually, about creating Intellectual Property Club or Association, we have started since last year, 2018, but you know how creation of clubs or associations are within the University, sometimes, it took a little time, you know, because there has to be a constitution and others. So, we are now at that stage and I think before the end of this year, Insha Allah, Intellectual Property Club or Association UDUS Chapter would be created here in the University, Insha Allah.”

He also speaks on the turnout by students of law, that they seemed not to show up but they later show up.
“Actually, like students you know their behaviours, they are late comers, they like this ‘African Time’ – so that is what they did to us but finally before the end of the program, they all attended and law students’ society that we collaborated with to organise have done their best, so wonderful. We have to commend what they did very well, most especially, the debaters and then the drama students.”

When being asked to advice law students in line with the program had on intellectual property, he shone his advice for UDUS Law students thus:
“Law students, yes, this program is for them. It is their program, they should see Intellectual Property as a very important course, they should perform the course very well. The phobia they have for the course for having failing it previous years is now gone. It is a friendly course, it is not a frightened course and it is something that is all encompassing. It is a global issue, so they should look at it that direction.” He advised.

Also, Abdullah Muhammad, representative of Mr John .O. Assien, Director General, Nigerian Copyright Commission, said happiness string in his belly and congratulate Faculty of Law, Fodiyo Varsity for this.

Abdullah Muhammad in his words: “Really, I am happy to identify Faculty of Law, UDUS for this event because of partnership between Nigerian Copyright Commission and Universities is very very important in addressing the developmental feats that can be achieved through Intellectual Property. So, I celebrate Faculty of Law UDUS for being one of the Universities that are being the searchlight on this program.”

He also advised thus: “The students of law, UDUS should actually look to specialize in the aspect of Intellectual Property because it is a nova area of law that has actually not been tapped by law practitioners, legal practitioners and even law lecturers. So if they are to make their strife and make gainful impact, they should also pose there and they would also gain their ground”. He advised.


Hammed J. Sulaiman
Poet/Essayist/Writer, Student of Law from the Most Peaceful University in Nigeria, UDUSOK. Editor at Winsala Muses. Publisher/Veteran Journalist with Republican Newspaper Nigeria.


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