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UCL & UEL: Has a country ever had four representatives in the European Cup final?



Arsenal and Chelsea can join Liverpool and Tottenham in the European Cup finals on Thursday night (9pm), four English clubs.
The Champions League and the Europa League have each been dominated in recent years by teams from the same countries.

The Spanish , the English , the Italy and Germany are guaranteed to have four qualified every season for the group stage of the Champions League, which helps.

Since the 2000s, the Spanish teams have had a good time, as 11 of the last 19 Champions League finals have seen at least one Liga team . An era that may have ended this season, while the last five C1 have fallen into the purse of Real Madrid or Barca.

A domination that is also reflected in the Europa League with 10 finals with at least one Spanish club out of the last 19.

This season, it is even the four finalists who could be from the same championship. Indeed, Arsenal (3-1 winners of Valencia) and Chelsea (who made 1-1 in Frankfurt) are in a position to qualify for the final of the Europa League on Thursday night (21h). This week, Liverpool and Tottenham have qualified for the next Champions League final, to be held on June 1 in Madrid.

It never happened in the history of the European Cups that the four finalists came from the same country. Such a case would therefore be historic for English and European football.

On the other hand, it has happened several times that three of the four finalists are. In 1980, Eintracht Frankfurt (already) and Borussia M’Glabach competed in the final of C3 while Hambourg lost again against Nottingham Forest C1. Ten years later, Italy came to the fore. As Sachi ‘s AC Milan advanced to the C1 final, Juventus and Fiorentina were opposed in C3. A situation that will be repeated twice during a decade of prosperity for Italian football: 1995 (AC Milan in C1, Juventus and Parma in C3) and 1998 (Juventus in C1, Inter and Lazio in C3).

In 2008, it was the turn of the British to be in this position with a Champions League final between Chelsea and Manchester United , combined with the course of the Glasgow Rangers (from the Scottish championship) until the final of C3. Finally, more recently, Spanish clubs have also succeeded; in 2014 and 2016, Real and Atlético Madrid competed in the C1 final while Sevilla won the Europa League each time.

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