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Tinubu: An Epitome of Benevolent and Selfless Service – Aliyu Mujeeb Oladeji



Good day the great people of noble nation Nigeria, I write this short note on Asiwaju Tinubu. Please enjoy!

The political space of Nigeria has over the decades churned out quite a good number of leaders since the nation attained independence. Some leaders had manifested various antecedent trays, whilst a few of them have done well, a vast majority have only been self centred.

However, Asiwaju Bola Hammed Tinubu, the National Leader of All Progressive Congress (APC) has been dominating and handling quite carefully the political dispensation of Lagos and Nigeria by extension since 1999.

Asiwaju Tinubu who served as a Senator, Governor and now the National Leader of the noble party APC.

He is a leader par excellence whom many top class political leaders look up to.

He has all what it takes to produce a sound, caring, vibrant and humanitarian leader like himself. He has brought up many leaders and helped many destiny in the aspect of politics and others.

Only men of this nature can bring new and investible innovation into the political domain for betterment of all.

Tinubu is a real and extraordinary person with outstanding determination, to making Nigeria a better place for us to live.

“A good and potential leader does not sit on the fence. He makes his decision clear” Tinubu has always been honest and transparent to his followers in the epoch of storm.

Tinubu has spent the last thirty years of his life in creative and dynamic public service. He has from his days as a governor of Lagos State, enabled clarity of thought and pioneering great and outstanding vision in all aspects of governance.

He is not a lawyer, but there are few Nigerians who have provoked so many legal controversies and constitutional challenges against him, yet he conquered.

He works tirelessly to ensure that APC governs majority of our states of the federation, plus the federal government.

Long live Bola Hammed Tinubu!

Magnificent live Jagaban of Burdillon!!

Long live Hero of our time!!!

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