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SFL tagged Community, Student Leaders as she hosts her event in Offa



Group picture after the event.

Students For Liberty’s Local Coordinator, Hammed Sulaiman, has on Saturday, 18th of January, held an event that has been agog in the minds of targeted audience, themed “Culture of Toleration: The Synergy of Citizens’ Liberty and Web of Law”. The event was held at Offa Grammar School Auditorium, Offa, Kwara State and kick started around 10am and ends around 2pm.

Local Coordinator Hammed Sulaiman, while giving his welcome speech and address

LC Hammed Sulaiman, during his welcome address and speech, welcomed all the guest speakers and members of high table, and also the student leaders present. He unveiled the theme of the event in parts and reveal the purpose of the event as informal learning in knowing how to and what to. The event was graced by local coordinators from Lagos State, Osun State, Ilorin and other neighbouring areas around Offa. The event was also graced by community leaders, press crew, student Leaders and undergraduate students of Offa in

Attendees paying rapt attention to lecture from quest speakers


different institutions and kwara State at large.


Mr. Dotun Famoriyo, Gambia National Coordinator, Students for Liberty speaks on the emanation, opportunity, success embedded in Student for Liberty (SFL) Program. He also focus his presentation on “Cheetah Generation” as everyone is now fast forward thinkers, agile and proactive.

Mr. Dotun Famoriyo, National Coordinator SFL Gambia, while speaking on opportunities, successes embedded in SFL Program

He revealed the mission and vision of the organization. He also buttressed the point that everybody is entitle to his/her view.
“We need to believe in each other opinion and everyone is entitle to his opinion as long as not hurting anyone”.

Panel discussion at the instance of Student Leaders

Barrister Debo Adeyemo as a guest speaker with a given topic – “The Syndrome of Liberty and Limitations: Legal Perspective”, focuses his presentation entirely on intestines of Nigerian constitution relating to fundamental human rights – Chapter Four of 1999 Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended.
“There is right but there is limitation depending on the situation. Where your right stop, another begin. There is right to fair hearing, religion, freedom of expression and press but because there is freedom of expression, you don’t infringe on another person’s right.”

Barrister Debo Adeyemo while speaking and answering questions from attendees

He explained freedom of movement; privacy; acquiring property and all other rights enshinred in Chapter Four of Constitution and their limitations.

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DSP Olawale Ojo and representatives of DPO Offa

Another guest speaker was DSP Olawale Ojo, who ably and duly represent Divisional Police Officer Offa. He speaks on his given topic – “Limiting Offence Commission vis-a-vis Doctrine of Police is Your Friend”. He described series of offence as provided by law and explain the meaning of friend, reiterating that crime prevention and control is a collective responsibility.
“To reduce crime, there must unity, there must be relationship between the police and public.”

DSP Olawale Ojo, while delivering lecture – representing DPO Offa

The third speaker, Mr. Olorede Jimoh from Department Masscommunication, Federal Polytechnic Offa, speaks on his topic – “Freedom of Press and War Against Media; Way out”. Mr. Olorede explained why media should be given freedom.

Mr. Jimoh Olorede, FEDPOFFA Lecturer while delivering his lecture

He cited Obafemi Awolowo that “Freedom to know the truth is the first of freedom.” He also stated that freedom is not absolute because if it’s absolute, there will be chaos.
He reiterated that “Truth and liberty are twin sisters.”

Local Coordinators and Volunteers

There was room for question and answers, at the instance of each speaker. There was panel discussion at the instance of Student Leaders relating to ethics and quality in politics under the canopy of Liberty and on some topical issues that are currently boiling in Nigeria. Student Leaders shone discussed their suggestions and contributions.

From right – Local Coordinator Hammed Sulaiman, Barrister Debo Adeyemo, Dotun Famoriyo SFL National Coordinator, Gambia. Mr. Basheer Atoyebi, PRO Summit University Offa/Radio Presenter and Alhaji Chief Bello Moshood (Babaloja of Offa)

There also was spoken words on liberty, presented by Abdulbasit Hussein, a talented spoken words presenter from Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto. The dusk of the event sees it to the closing remark, creation of local chapter of SFL in Offa with some new LCs and Bello Idris Agbe as one of the principal coordinators for Offa SFL and key volunteers that would be recruiting more volunteers. Refreshments, networking, pictures and group pictures ended the program.

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