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Robert Powell and the Jesus Crux



Meet Robert Powell the man who acted as Jesus of Nazareth.
In the 1979 Jesus movie, the first movie that was filmed and framed to tell the story of Jesus according to the gospel of Luke. The movie was directed by Peter Sykes, John Kisch etc.
Robert Powell played the role of Jesus Christ.

Today it is not uncommon to see people hanging Robert Powell’s picture in their
house, car, shop, church etc. Some even put it in their private family altars and other places of warship to the extent that Robert Powell’s picture has now been mistakenly taken as something that can protect one from evil where as it cannot.
Robert was born on 1,June,1944 (age 71)He is English television and film actor.

He attended University of Salford, Manchester Grammar School, and University of Manchester respectively.
He said: “I am not Jesus Christ,I am just an actor and a British comedian,I (am) hurt and tried of seeing my photos displayed in places of worship and others worship and pray to me.I just made a movie for a living,so people should stop loving and praying to me. Burn my pictures and worship the only God in truth! Ameen.”

He has acted in a series of movies like: Holby City (1999),The Detectives (1993-1997),The Thirty Nine Steps (1978),Tommy (1975),Harlequin (1980),Mahler (1974),Hannay (1988 – 1989) amidst others.

His most profilic movie is Jesus Of Nazareth (1977)
I know some people will say it served as a reminder but i tell u that u don’t need a picture of Robert Powell to remind you of Jesus as no Moslem can show u the picture of Mohammed (whose case is closer (1400),not to talk of Jesus Christ of more than 2000 years ago), yet they respect him and do not need to be reminded by another person picture.

Same with Buddah’s followers, they don’t have another person picture to remind them of Buddah,the same goes with zoroasters.

Even the new generation don’t even know that the face they see is not the true picture of Jesus but that of Robert Powell.
This ‘Jesus’ Powell is married to Babs Powell, has children (Kate Powell, Barney Powell) and Parents: Kathleen Davis Powell, John Wilson Powell (is that not too absurd?)

(c) Jimoh Taofik Adekunle
Jimson Jaat Taofik
The MAD Writer: Pen Priest
Facebook: Jimoh Taofik Adekunle
Twitter: @jimsonjaat01

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