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OPINION: When Suicide Remains An Antidote For Depression – Busy Brain



The road map to heaven is very far. But as far as the heaven, many short cuts have been trending recently in Nigeria. If one needs to visits his ancestors, it is very cheap with the help of sniper. It kills gently and faster. Sniper is the new evil in land that is killing young, middle aged, beautiful ladies and gentlemen as a result of depression.

As a matter of fact, Nigeria is a home of depression or how do one explain the series of gory scenes that is bedevilling the country. What kind of depression is more than when a graduate invested in education and graduated with good grade only to come back home to establish popcorn business. What other form of depression would one tag the Boko Haram bombing, Kaduna killing, Katsina killing, Adamawa killing, Zamfara killing, Plateau killing, ritual killing. Tell me what other category of depression would one classify the kidnapping of poor Nigerians in exchange for huge millions of Naira as ransom. Visiting ones’ relatives in some parts of the country has become a taboo. No one dares toy with his or her dear life as nowhere is save in the country. What other depression is worse than owing workers 38 months salary and seeking for forgiveness in return. I’m still thinking of the numbers of civil servants that would have died of hunger or debt in the course of struggling for survival in Kogi State. What other caliber of depression would one tag a minister who claimed there are surplus medical doctors in the country when in actual sense people are dying due to the poor state and shortage of medical practitioners in our hospitals. At this juncture, one will agree with me that Nigeria is a home of depression for real. If I know and I am sure of my place in heaven, I will join the league of suicide missioners. It is better to enjoy in heaven than to suffer in Nigeria where heartless leaders are being loosed to wickedness.

Of course, no one knows his or her place in heaven and that is where I have problem with those committing suicide. Anyone that has interest in committing suicide must have been very sure of his or her place in heaven. It is not ideal to suffer the acclaimed depression here on earth and continue to suffer in heaven for killing oneself. This is actually the reason why am interested to interview Mr. Ibu, a comic actor who claimed to have died for four days and came back to live. Some of the questions I have in mind to ask Mr. Ibu during his death period is whether he had perceived anyone that had committed suicide eating barbecue with tonic wine in heaven. I want to ask Mr. Ibu whether there is a special restaurant or recreational centre categorically reserved for the people who killed themselves because If one is not so certain of the the life after death, what is the point in committing suicide instead of one to be Godly and keep praying for Divine mercy. If killing oneself cannot guarantee one a paradise ticket, what is the essence of committing suicide when there is ample time to move closer to God.

Worse still, the level of suicide case in Nigeria is getting hiker and more alarming on daily basis and many of the reasons behind this evil mission is far beyond depression for instance.

A Computer Science student of the Ogun State Institute of Technology, Adewara Damilola Blessing committed suicide by consuming poisonous substance on April 25, 2019. Another Hikmat Gbadamosi, a 100 level Chemical Engineering student of University of Port Harcourt committed suicide by swallowing poisonous sniper on April 29, 2019.

Similarly, Lecturer ll in Department of Mathematics, University of Ibadan, Mr. A.O Subair committed suicide by setting himself ablaze in his staff quarter. At the same time, a lecturer in the Department of Urban and Regional planning in the Federal Polytechnic Auchi, Mr. Patrick Okojie committed suicide three days to his 47th birthday.

More so, on the 4th of February 2019, an ex student of the Federal Polytechnic Ede, Osun State, Adekunle Bukola Olanrewaju committed suicide under a bamboo tree at his resident in Ile Ife by drinking rat poison. Similarly, a middle aged man identified as Odaga King committed suicide by setting himself ablaze in River State as a result of frustration.

More so, a 29 years old boat driver in Bayelsa State committed suicide by hanging himself with a strong fish rope on Easter evening because of frosty relationship with his lover and recently, one Kolapo Olowoporoku committed suicide.

How many of Adepele’s multiple and interlocks teeth could be counted? What of the suicide cases that are not reported in the media. The above mentioned suicide cases were mostly triggered by depression. Depression is real but suicide is never the solution. Suicide is against the doctrine of religion as no religion preaches suicide. The present condition can be tough but no condition is permanent in life. Instead of one to resolve to suicide, one can actually take time to discuss the depression with people.

Problem shared is half solved. Let us share what is bothering our minds within ourselves and let’s imbibe the idea of listening to our problems. Suicide is evil and no special place for people that had committed suicide in heaven. Even if I know my place in heaven, I will never commit suicide. Things might not be going as planned but when there is life, there is hope.

Busy Brain
Is a graduate of Mass Communication from the prestigious Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State,the fastest growing polytechnic in Nigeria,he’s also a Columnist at REPUBLICAN online Newspaper


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