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NIGERIA POLICE: ‘Even God Supports Stealing And Robbery’excerpt From A Nigeria Police Officer |BUSY BRAIN



It is almost four years now when the new government came on board with the beat of hope and the lyrics of change. Nigerians, to some extent, believe so much in the new government most especially when its main emblem remains anti corruption war.

This is a crusade championed by President Buhari led administration and of course, no one dares argue about the deadliest cankerworm that has eaten deep in public office holders. Corruption has come to roost on our rooftops and this war is still hot and burning simply because Mr. President has promised and vowed to reload his anti corruption bullets.

But in actual sense, charity begins at home and that is the reason why the anti corruption crusade of the current administration is putting on a garment of disgrace with a pitiable look. The personnel charged with the responsibilities of fighting corruption in Nigeria are the most prominent fans of corrupt practices or what is the essence of this war when those that maintain the war front are stinkingly corrupt.

Disgustingly, the recent video of a police officer in a conversation with a guy at check point had revealed how useless are some police officers on the battle field of corruption. The leaked video is a big disgrace and ignominy to Nigeria Police Force, a big disgrace to Nigeria security system before the International and neighbouring countries and a shame on President Buhari’s anti corruption war. How would one explain this conversation better when a police officer because of #4,000 naira lied against the Almighty God to have been in support of stealing and robbery. I had watched the video severally and all I had seen is a big shame and misplaced priority.

Unlike the usual #50 bribe from the motorists and motorcyclists, this officer just increased the tariff plan to #4,000 at a point claiming the officers on duty were four in numbers. Here is the conversation between the officer and the driver:

Driver: Do you know how much they have collected from me while coming on the road? ( Se ema iye ti won ti gba lowo mi lona ni ).

Police Officer: You are a son of the world, you are highly honoured. ( Omo aiye nie, iyi e po ).

Police officer: Look here and calm down, motor stealing, robbery, God supports it and welcomes it. The money must complete, we are four in numbers. ( Ewo bi, farabale, ki won ma ji moto gbe, ki won ma Jale, olohun gan support e, ofaramo, o ma pe se, we are four in number).

Logically looking at the above translated excerpts, it is obvious that the guy that drove the car had paid to scale through different check points as claimed and still agreed to pay another #4000 after their failed negotiation with the officers at another check point, conjecturally, something hidden had been attached to the vehicle that is subject to security scrutiny but the police out of the murky water of bribery inherent in the profession collected money without searching. Everything goes under the guise of bribery in Nigeria. Now tell me how the police can help this administration to achieve success in curbing corruption and crime? If police are not trained to fight Boko Haram war, they are not trained to fight herdsmen war, they are not trained to fight banditry war and at the same time, they cannot help to fight anti corruption war? I think the government should allow the police to carry their black sticks only and approve Man O War, Peace Corps to join the arm forces carrying gun. What is the essence of police using gun only to kill innocent Nigerians who have refused to pay bribe and illegal harassments of Nigerian youths in search of Yahoo Yahoo.

By now, one would agree with the fact that police and bribery came from the same biological parents. They are synonymous because what comes to one’s mind whenever police is mentioned is bribery. I believe if the above nonsensical assertions from a police officer had come from a yahoo boy that God supports stealing motor and robbery, our agent of anti corruption war would have laced the pages of newspapers and online outfits with lashes of comments. The Presidency would have come up with a very heat headlines on newspapers. Our EFCC would have gained more strength in their war against yahoo yahoo. But for now, we still await their comments and swift action on this excess and abuse of office by the police officers on duty in that video.

Tell the EFCC to declare war on corrupt officers. Tell Inspector General of police to wash away corruption, extra judicial killing and illegal harassments that have characterised Nigeria Police Force before things get out of hands.

BUSY BRAIN is a graduate of Mass Communication from the prestigious Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State,the fastest growing polytechnic in Nigeria. He’s a Prolific Opinion writer with REPUBLICAN Online Newspaper


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