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Nigeria At 59, There Was A Country


Father told me “son, free education once happened in this land.

Free care at hospitals with effective drugs.

Almost free food, less tedious jobs, almost free everything”
I asked, are you sure it is this very land or another world?

Where are those sweet things, are they gone with yesterday?
That world of yours I know not, hence I pick my pen and write thus:

There was a country
Where Corruption is as regular as sunrise
Where Justice is died, buried yesterday.
Where Bribery is the gate-pass
Where Hospitals are a motuary
Where roads are graves, consuming everyday…

There was a country
Where Black Gold is the resource
Where Queen Mercy is dethroned
Where Democracy is really crazy
Where people believe in the never-come promise land
Where brother is driving his kins to fifth slavery

Where Hunger blind the common man in the street
Where the wise are shut up, the opposite are ruling
Where Sailors boast of doing far more than Penicillin for Humanity
Where, in their land, they are slaves
Where people always fall for the same trick of different covers
Where the smells of the stinking streets and its stinking workers make the stinking country to be more stinky

Where people are discplines of Lazarus
Where people remember the past good sailors in their sweet dreams
Where enternity is not enough to construct a pin
Where Power drowse the sailors
Where,they ask,is the promised Cannan you promised?
Where is the Life Paradise people were promised?

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I know a country
Where chop-make-i-chop is the system.
Where people always wait for the Sword of Damascles over them
Where they always recome,
To tell their people that they were born without shoes
Then, I ask, “father, was I born with one?”

OCTOBER 4, 2015

Jimoh Taofik Adekunle
(Jimson Jaat Taofik)
The MAD Writer: Pen Priest
Facebook: Jimoh Taofik Adekunle
Twitter: @jimsonjaat01
Gmail: [email protected]
Phone: 08144510532

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