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Nigeria At 59, Still In Dependence


Sardonically, Nigeria of our dreams is years away. Generations away, if not centuries away. ‘One Nigeria’ voild of corruption, tribalism, religious segregation, etc.

Unarguably, stories of our government dispensations – Democratic or Military – haven’t been without hiccough. And for every hiccough the masses suffer. If you ask me, the stories of the country has been no so good for literary consumption. No similiar story would sell either in Hollywood, Bollywood, even our own Nollywood. For what to call repeatition of actions, ‘mistakes’, personae?

59 years after, the country is still struggling with tribal and religious differences. To get anything in the country, the questions still remains: “where are you from?” Geo-political Zones, States of Origin, Hometowns, Religions practised, etc are still factors determine your acceptance….Or, rejection.

59 years after, our country is yet to have basic amenities. No to talk about technological advancement. This is sadden judging by natural and human resources at our disposal.

59 years after, not only “the labours of our heroes past” have been in vain but there have been no new heroes and none in sight. Why? The country suffers from amnesia.

Personally, I look back to sacrifices and services of Chinua Achebe, Adekunle Fajuyi, Ken Saro Wiwa, Colonel Ibrahim A. Taiwo, Aminu Kano, Joseph Tarka, Kuti Family (Funmilayo Ransome Kuti, Bẹkọ Ransome Kuti, Fẹla Anikulapo Kuti) Okigbo, Ọbafẹmi Awolọlọ, Wọle Soyinka, Yar’Adua brothers (Musa and Musa Yar’Adua), Nnamdi Azikwe, Pa Rwane, Micheal Ajasin, Tai Solarin and a host of others too numberous to mention, I only ask one question: “what become of them?” These people served and represented this country in different fields of endeavours. They used their all in all to serve. Are they remembered? Who knows their names? And who knows what they stood for?

59 years after, our education system has collapsed. We have illitterate graduates now. Youngsters that attended School for an average of 16 years but don’t know what education is all about. They neither can’t express themselves in simple and correct English (the country official language) nor practise what they get ceritified on.

59 years after, our government is still plagued in corruption, myopia, carpet-crossing politicking.

When Lamido Sanusi Lamido said the country was – is – spending more than 70% of its resources on government officials, his countrymen rose against him. They torn his image into rags and tatters. They called him bad names. “attention seeker” “rabble rouser”, “noise maker”, “revolutionary tool”, “betrayer”, etc. What they missed was, he was Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria. He was an authority in our economic sector. Don’t forget that this revelation, coupled with flimpsy excuses, led to his removal as CBN Governor then by powers that-be.

Also, don’t forget; Senator Sheu Sanni opened up on how much each senator receives after years of “we don’t know how much our salaries and commissions accumulate to”. Well, it was true.

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For years, Nigerians have been feasting on hope. They never get tired of it. And each administration says it is trying. Well, they have been trying for 59 years.

“Ours is a long chain of ill-luck in government” – The Man Died, Wọlé Soyinka and Adekunle Fajuyi’s conversation before the latter’s death.

And either because of greediness and or apathy, the countrymen sell votes every 4 years.

I quite agree with one of my literary brothers, Mr Balogun Monsuru: “I wonder why our leaders and their supporters (aides, rent seekers, crump pickers, hangers on etc etc) feel offended when we seek for good governance, transparency and accountability from our leaders. Whoever feels offended when people ask for accountability about use and management of our common wealth should stay away from public office and face his business where he will not be accountable to anyone but himself. This nonsense must stop! Nobody forced anyone to be elected into public office. People are busy days and nights now saying they can turn Sobi Hill to trees that will bear US Dollar fruits. But when elected and people ask questions about management of our resources, his sycophants will start attacking people. Why are we like this, for God sake? Anyone too big to be accountable for his stewardship should stay away from public office. Pure and simple”

No industrialization, poor education, tribalistic/religious discrimination, unfulfilled political manifestoes. They don’t provide us employment and they say we want free money. No industrialization but they call us lazy. If we want to work, but there are no companies. Thousands of us are graduating from tertiary institutions yearly, where are jobs? “I pledge to Nigeria, my country.” but how do I do that when I am hungry??

Only yesterday, there have been pangs of obstruction in inspiration receiption. Why? I wanted to write beautiful words on my country, just to celebrate her birthday. But couldn’t just bring my pen write sweet words. The country has been so discouraging. Tales of woes. And who writes those, anyway….?

Jimoh Taofik Adekunle
(Jimson Jaat Taofik)
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