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Nigeria At 59, Still In Dependence (2)


At a time in 2015, I spent two weeks with All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), Kwara State Chapter to tour all the local governments of my home-state, in fulfillment of Federal Government directives that all farmers in the Federation should be registered. My experiences were more than shocking.

For the first time in my life I saw donkeys in Kaimah Local Government. Not their sight was a thing but the fact that those people were still using them as means of transportation. In fact, to get to that part of Kwara State you will cross 3 Colonial Bridges. I meant, bridges that were constructed by Colonial masters. That’s more than 60 years ago!

Actually, I see non-provision of social amenities as tools of obstructions. They use these to prevent us from asking more. Suppose we have stable power supply, good roads, good education, hospitals, industries to work in, shelter, etc we would undoubtedly ask what next things are. Hence, in non-provision of them and pretext to make efforts they are glorified and godified.

We are so impoverished that if any Chairman, Honourable and or Senator tars one kilometre of road, build 5 borehole, construct one public toilet in his 4 years in office, believe me, my countrymen will enthusiastically vote him the next time, after they have praised him to heavens. This is because we are so accustomed to poverty.

After their usual 3 and half years disappearance, if you ask any of their sycophants he will willfully tell you their Representatives are there in Aso Rock fighting for their rights!

One Afro-Pop Musician rightly sang: “forget about the big things, let’s talk about the small things”. Provide amenities for us and let’s talk about what’s next.

I do say: if President of United States of America gets to an hospital and meets an 11-year-old as doctor on duty he would agree that the youngster should treat him and follow his directives religiously, because the President believes the young doctor received right education before he got certified. That, I call ‘Faith in Institutions’.

However, in my country a local government chairman wouldn’t even believe medical advice from the Federal Health Minister!

And on youths, the alleged ‘Future Upholders’. Well, they are busy learning new dance steps. They are busy going from one relationship to another. They are busy buying foreign brands.

Check this: in Primary School, the dream was to become an astronaut, because you want to fly into the moon. By Junior Secondary School, the dream changed to Brain Surgeon because the world needs more of them. By Senior Secondary School, you found yourself in Business Class, because that’s what your parents, school principal, friends and or your own indecision makes you go for. And, after 3-5 of application for Business Administrationship in University they finally give you Yorùbá Language. After graduation and years of job-besiege you ended up either selling Costumery, Bitcoin, ‘1,000 Ways To Become Successful’ Books in scourching sun or “managing” at one relative’s catering services.

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In whole, what become of 6 years in Primary School, 6 years in Secondary School, 2-3 years at home before admission into tertiary institution, 4 years in tertiary institution and 1 year of National Service? And please help give definition of such life.

And what are we doing, as youths? We talk, we create hashtags and post pictures on social media, we champion ourselves on being Whatsapp Groups Admin’s for years…..Laughable

You know, it’s in Nigeria someone would send links and say we should follow and win 1,000 Dollars. Someone would forward “Muhammad Loves You”, “Jesus Loves You”, “God, I Am Not Ashamed Of You”, ” 16 Lah Illah Illah Allah”, “24 Hossanah”, etc messages to you and ask – no, command – that you forward same message to all your contacts to have ALL YOUR WISHES IN LIFE fulfilled!

I naturally feel sicken, whenever I see age bracket defending these politicians, especially known corrupters. Our future is being murdered in cold blood and we are still hailing them…..

These stories are bitter in mouth. I pause my pen…..


Jimoh Taofik Adekunle
(Jimson Jaat Taofik)
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