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My Name Is Khan



Have said I won’t say a word
Have said I will wait till they see the light and know The Truth
Yet,this is taking eternity
Can they tell me why all these is done?
Can they give me a glimpse of reason why they keep prosecuting me?
When are they going to learn that Life is a mirage?

They robbed me of my status,place and human rights
They robbed me of science of belief
Didn’t I have the right to have faith in whatever I choose?
Why can’t they let my religion be mine,they theirs?
When will they learn to let me feel like a part of Humanity?
They wage wars at me just because I believe in what I choose.

Why Islam?
Are they not scores of religion in the world?
Why are they always have dark thoughts within themselves to me?
Why are they keep condeming me with my Qur’an and Prophet?
Yes! I choose Islam,a total way of life; not just a religion
I will practise it,pass it and preach it to the very blood in me.

They are anoited Devil’s Agents
Or will they say their religions taught them so?
Is it not known we should treat our neibour as we want to be treated?
Look into my eyes,what did you see?
A terrorist or someone who just want to be free?
I long for Freedom along side every single human on earth.

When would they realise the difference between my religion and my behaviour?
My religion is my way of worship my Creator.
My behaviour is the very me, the real me,the real person in me
Or are they treating me such because of imperfection shows by my brethen in religion?are they just afraid of me as the Ancient Egyptians and children of Israel?
Had my religion preach killings,can that be regard as a religion?

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Defenders of God,when are they going to know they are in plain errors?
When are they going to learn that religions’ affairs are sensitive and comprehensive?
Allah! I pray for your holdness and strengh through this Critizism
Same sky above us,same air in the middle,same earth beneath us
Why are they forming Judges before The Last Day?
My name is Khan,and I am not a terrorist.

Written by: Jimson Jaat Taofik
Aug 6, 2015

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1 Comment

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