Murder of Fasoranti’s daughter: The Herdsmen Signal To Afenifere and The Drum Of War – Busy Brain

The death of Mrs Funke Olakunrin since four days ago has exhumed flames of vindictive venoms, abusive arguments and offensive name callings from both sides of political leaders in the country as if such gory and brutal killings just started in Nigeria.

How do we tell the tales of Sons and Daughters of Mr and Mrs nobody that had been on a death roll of Herdsmen, Bandits, Kidnappers, Boko Haram for years on highways or in their various villages?

Must we wait till death package gets to the offsprings and wards of the big names in Nigeria before we can light up the media and gather the firewood of actions to defend our territory?

May be I should remind our political grandeurs probably if they have forgotten the Yoruba proverb that says : ” iku to n pa ojugba eni, owee lo npa fun ni” meaning that: ” the death that kills one’s kinsmen is giving a signal to one as well ” apology to non Yorubas.

Up till now, our Big Brother Naija housed in different government offices for uncountable millions are still on arguments, throwing banters and casting vituperations on the media as regards to whether the killers of Mrs Funke Olakunrin were herdsmen or not.

This shows how reckless and feckless Nigerian political leaders are by politicizing killings rather than finding solution.

The menace of insecurity doesn’t start with the present administration. It has built a strong and solid foundation before now and those who make it tedious to collapse the building of insecurity in Nigeria are the ones that occupy the front seat of destructive criticisms.

Of course, killings was very tough during Good Luck Jonathan’s regime and now it is getting more tougher even when we think that the Messiah has come.

We just realised that our aged President is far from being the Messiah and not even Fani Kayode or Reno Omokiri who have been beating drums of war by being parrots of disunity and destabilisation.

In as much as I stand to be corrected, the death of Chief Fasoranti’s daughter ceased not to look like assassination to me. Why? the assassins don’t always miss a target even when such target is in the midst of thousand crowd, they make sure they haunt down the target without killing any other person in such setting and according to media reports, the deceased and four others were in the car on Benin-Ore highway and I want to be sure that there were other motorists on the same route at that particular moment.

Why should this innocent woman be the only victim that would not survive the attack? Why do these killer herdsmen not kidnap the deceased as they normally do and demand for ransom since she is a daughter of a prominent person in the country?

When do the herdsmen in Southern Region begin to kill big names among others as a target?

Does it not sound more or less like creating a tribal war and setting Nigeria on fire by gunning down Afenifere leader’s daughter? My eyes is laden up with water in search of answers to these questions.

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What a pity! I cannot but agree with the fact that the killing was intentional and deliberate to achieve a devilish mission.

But whether the killers were herdsmen or not, No one has the power to resurrect the deceased not even the hypocrites staging war of words on the media. Instead of turning an awful and sorrowful event to a blame game, why didn’t act fast, act together and act differently to protect our regions against persistent killings.

The death of Mrs Funke has sent a signal to Afenifere group, religion leaders, political leaders and government officials that, the hands of killings either by Herdsmen, Bandits, kidnappers or gun men have been extended to the Sons and Daughters of Mr and Mrs somebody.

It was Chief Fasoranti’s daughter now, who knows the next victim? I wonder why the likes of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Fani Kayode and Reno Omokiri have not realised that these open letters and criticisms cannot take us to anywhere or who doesn’t know that the affairs of the country have gone beyond President Buhari’s physical, mental, psychological capacity and capability and those who could have been of help to the administration are pampering and blind to the truth in order to safeguard the ministerial slots and 2023 agenda. Apology to Buhsrists.

It is disheartening that tribal, religion and political sentiments have diverted our attentions from proferring solution to our problems.

Let troops maintain the highways at short kilometer intervals. Let the government increase the figures of recruitments of arm forces and other security personnel if the figures are not enough.

Before we will lament that, there was a country when things fall apart, let us save the human beings in our animals’ farm.

My condolence to Chief Fasoranti, leader of Afenifere, (a Yoruba social political group in Nigeria) for the expensive and unreturnable loss of a precious daughter, Late Mrs Funke Olakunrin. What a big loss to the family, friends and Afenifere group as a whole.

Let he who says it is not painful submit his own daughter to the killers and invite Burna Boy or Wizkid to spice up the funeral. At this juncture, a minute silence for the deceased. May her soul continue to rest in the Lord; may God grant the entire family fortitude to bear the loss.

Busy Brain is a graduate of Mass Communication from the prestigious Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State, the fastest growing polytechnic in Nigeria.

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