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In our political setting, economic world, social class, religious realm, human relations and what have you, there is an existence of wide gaps between the rich and the less privileged.

The dream of every (rational) individual is to have a future where he can easily be its instructor. A future where it wouldn’t be hard to make decisions.

A future where one can easily command the limited available wealth and resources or as bountiful as it may be. Hardly would we have anyone who is ready for hard struggles, pains and suffering at that stage of life.

This future in target is a definition of what is done today. I might have started living my future now, some might have started years back and some still eye it. It is needful to determine maybe your future is already under work or about to.

At this present state of life, we have met variants of people. We have worked with them, transact with them, attended classes with them, traveled with them, even had an ordinary handshake them. We have met peoples on mission or by accident.

Every meeting has its own holding mission and essence. Nothing has ever happened without reason(s). Essentially, we must always read meaning to situations either we are directly involved or otherwise.

This makes it sacrosanct to make bridges in respect to our encounters with people and relations with situations.

We must always try to sustain relationships, build more people, allow to be build, effect people’s life, contribute to the society positively and make ways.

The influential class of our society has done more than enough to make us foes of each other. They make schools barrier to equality. They make markets expensively competitive. They make the business world more requesting. They have set all measures to segregate us.

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We should not be diverted or confused. We should ensure we keep making bridges to bring us together.

We should make many more friends than enemies. We should see reasons to love ourselves, we should make ways for others.

We should ascertain that the higher class feel pained and embarrassed with the existence of love, unity and progressive ideas and moves.

This bridge should always bring us together. It should all time make us feel proud of ourselves. It should be an headache for the class that set us against one another.

MAKING BRIDGES will go the longest way to make the joys of livelihood, the peace of mind, successes of life, progress for upcoming, all positives to be our closest companions and allies – at the same time send away all forces of divisions that may want to demolish the bridge.



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