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Likening Odubu To An Eagle


For centuries, eagle, which no doubt is seemingly a larger-than-life bird have fascinated and inspired those that understand the essence and dynamics of governance unarguably for the fact that the bird has brilliant leadership characteristics.

When an eagle comes to mind, people commonly imagine an enormous hunter soaring above wide-open spaces on outsized wings.

In early Christianity, the eagle was seen as a symbol of hope and strength, representing salvation. Whenever the eagle appears in the book of Revelation, it does appear in a context that suggests it is on the side of God.

Indeed, the eagle is among the world’s largest birds of prey. It is venerated as living symbols of power, freedom, and transcendence.

Of more relevance in this context is that good leaders are likened to the eagle. In all its ramifications, Dr. Pius Egberanmwen Odubu, who is no doubt a good leader, has virtually all the leadership qualities possessed by the eagle. At this juncture, the fact cannot be mistaken to say that many a reader would want to know how this writer will successfully and analytically compare this great son of Urhonigbe with the eagle. Not to worry, the following views put in seriatim format will bring the conviction to bear that Odubu is truly an eagle that is about to perch on Osadebey Avenue in the bid to rewrite and redefine the narratives of governance in Edo State.

For instance, eagles fly alone and at high altitudes. What the foregoing means is that eagles stay away from narrow-minded birds, particularly those that are capable of bringing them down.

Simply put, eagles fly with eagles, and keep good congregation. Simply put, eagles do not mingle with sparrows, ravens and other small birds.

Relating the foregoing characteristic to that of Odubu, it is not an exaggeration to say that he has, as much as politics and politicking are concerned in Edo state, stayed away from everyone that stands governance on its head. Just the same way eagles do not flock together with small birds, so also can it be said that Odubu does not mingle with politicians and political leaders with parochial mindsets.

Another outstanding characteristic which he shares with the eagle is that the eagle has powerful vision. In the same vein, this well respected and cherished political leader by Edolites is a visionary leader that is at all times driven and inspired by what Edo State will become.

He has never been bogged down with technical details as he always see the big picture, and his intent for the state has been to usher in new era of innovation and development.

Odubu has always exhibited what can in this context be described as “Eagle-eye leadership style” wherein he has been tasked with moving their constituencies and constituents into broader direction while promoting unity and tenacity to push through times of uncertainty.

In the same vein, just the same way eagles are fearless; Odubu has remained fearless in his political exploits. Fearlessness from this contextual perspective does not necessarily mean taking risks but it revolves around five core principles which he has been living by since his days as a deputy governor in Edo state. The core principles cut across, transparency, humility, courage and results. Fearless leadership can also mean one’s continual balance Emotional Intelligence which he has for the umpteenth time demonstrated. Against the foregoing backdrop, there is no denying the fact that he deserves to be given the opportunity to become the next governor in Edo state. He is indeed that proverbial eagle that Edo people are looking up to perch on Osadebey Avenue in the next few months from now.
The eagle is no doubt tenacious. In the same way, it cannot be denied that Odubu is equally tenacious. His tenacious disposition has for the umpteenth times shown that he has been persistent and determined to succeed, and has been with the understanding that there will be tests and trials along the way. He also understands that when leading a group of unique constituents toward a vision and goals, achieving crystal-clear clarity are a challenge onto itself.

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From another perspective, just as the eagle is a high flyer, Odubu no doubt demonstrated through his predilections to academic and professional pursuit that he has the potential to be very successful. The foregoing has being buttressed with the fact that he is an international lawyer, political scientist and a recipient of several honours and scholarship awards.

Still in the same vein, the eagles are naturally known to nurture their young ones. Relating this to Odubu efforts over the years in ensuring that his constituents are nurtured through robust empowerment, it would be highly expedient in this context to say that he has so far in his political career attracted several projects to his constituency. The projects that can be lined to his efforts have exemplifications in Abudu Erosion Control Project, Urhonigbe Erosion Control Project, and Federal Comprehensive Health Care Centre at Urhomehe, construction of Primary School building at Urhomehe and federal borehole at Urhomehe. In the same way, he expedited action on the rehabilitation of Benin-Abraka-Agbor-Sokponba-Ugharefe Road, and provided electricity to several communities, giving employment to several persons from his federal constituency, providing financial assistance to law students at the Nigeria law school, Abuja who are from his federal constituency, and constructed boreholes in several communities.

As an African proverb goes, “It is only the eagle that can give an account of the whisper of the cloud”. Yes, Odubu has been there, he will be there again in a higher capacity and use the experience and wisdom in his disposition to further the development that Edo, as a state and people deserves.

Isaac Asabor


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