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Lift your fate with hard work by Qazi Farhan Zeb


Is it luck or hard work that brings success? The answer is “hard work “. One’s efforts bring him success and not his luck. It is said “triumphs don’t come without effort”.

One who believes in his fate and sits idle thinking that if he is lucky he will succeed and takes easy ways to get things done can never come up in life. They fail to understand that success is not something that we run into by an accident it takes lot of preparation and patience.

As Pele said “success is no accident. It is hard work perseverance, learning, studying and sacrifice”. Luck favor only those who help themselves, harder you work, the luckier you get.

A man works day and night giving up all his play and delight and moves ahead to earn success and when he earned it, people called it luck. This excellence is infect not luck. But result of a lot of hard work. Any idea cannot become a success unless we work hard on it.

When we lose things we think it was bad luck and don’t try again to find the reason for our failure. We get depressed and hesitate to work on it again. Today we are leading a happy and comfortable life due to hard work of someone else.

We have bulbs to remove the darkness in a room. This was possible due to hard work of Edison. We chat over phone with our friends and enjoying which has resulted by a hard work put in by Alexander Graham Bell. World lifts its hats up to one who puts 50 percent of their efforts and on its head for those few soul who devote 100 percent thus.

“Success accompanies only those who work hard not the one’s who hardly work ”
Mark Spitz was the famous swimmer of world, he was the first swimmer in history who conquered the Olympics nine times. As well he was the first swimmer who got seven medals in Olympics of Munich in 1972 consecutively and astonished the world. After making this record he was answering the reporters on the stage smilingly.

One of the reporters spontaneously said “Mark today is lucky for you” this line touched his heart, he turned out towards him anxiously and invite him to came on the stage, reporter comes on the stage timidly and sits with Mark. Mark speaks affectionately” I were participant in 1868 in Mexico Olympics, I have tried my level best but I lost out by thirty seconds, I have decided at that moment that I will win the next Olympics and will got medals more than all” Mark stopped for a while and then said “do you know how I worked hard to cover these thirty seconds” reporter stay silent,then Mark Spitz said “I spent ten thousand hours in water in four years, I did not make any holiday in these four years , I were in swimming pool at the day of Christmas and I had celebrates my birthday in swimming pool, in these four years my parents have died. My brother got an accident, my girlfriend left-of me,my account became empty, my house, my car has sold out but I didn’t make any holiday. If you divide these ten thousand hours on four it will be twenty-five hundred hours yearly and eight hours daily. I became victim of Acid Reflux Disease by spending lot of time in water.

I get pain in my whole body I have to do physic Therapy daily. After this disease and toiling of these ten thousand hours I only become able to cover 30 seconds and got seven medals and you say it is lucky day for me. I were practice eight hours daily, you practice it for ten hours daily then it will become your lucky day. He stopped for few seconds and then said these historical words ” A man becomes fortunate as he works hard” it demands sacrifice for greatness.

Ask any highly successful person, and he will always tell you that hard work was major contributing factor in his life. Although hard work dosenot guarantee success , you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who has reached their goals without first putting in the necessary effort. Whether you want to become an athlete, a CEO or a philanthropist, if you wish to do something that average persons won’t do, you need to work harder then average person is willing to work. According to ‘Manoj Arora’
“To achieve 1% of the world’s population has you must be willing to do what only 1% dares to do”

Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. Prize will not sent to you , you have to win it. Success isn’t always about greatness. It is about consistency. Consistent hard work lead to success. Greatness will come.

Henry Madwort says: “the heights by great men reached and kept were not attained in sudden flight but, they while their companion slept they were toiling up wards in the night”.

Often people don’t work and just pray to Allah Almighty for output. They just complacent themselves by a nominal faith and saying all is well. Remember nothing be well in this way, it only happens in movies not in real life. If on the other hand your companion work hard and then soughed for output Allah will bless him because Allah is a good jested, He will gave you for what you have done, what you have deserve not what you sought for. There is no substitute of hard work. Never give up, never stop believing, never stop hard working.

Focused, hard work is the real key of success. Keep your eyes on the goal, and just keep taking the next step towards completing it.

Thomas A.Edison says” The three great essentials to achieve any thing worth while are: hard work stick-to-itiveness and common sense”. A dream never become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve any thing require faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination and dedication.

We often think that happiness is associated with relaxation and the freedom not to do things we don’t want to do. The reality is that this isn’t how our nervous system is wired. When we work hard and push through our physical and psychological barriers, our body rewards us with neurochemicals that feel like the experience of being happy.

Depression is associated with reduction in energy and activity, while hard work often being provides us with feelings of wellbeing and accomplishment.
Kevin Hart says, “Everybody wants to be famous but nobody want to do work. I live by that. You grind hard so you can pay hard. At the end of the day, you put all the work in, and eventually it’ll pay off. It could be in a year, it could be in thirty years. Eventually your hard work will pay off”.

Make a pact with yourself to not be defined by your past. Sometimes the greatest thing to come out of all your hard work isn’t what you get for it, but what you become for it. Shake things up today! Be you…Be free.

Often man gives up all on destiny , but destiny always gives up on man on his will power. So lift your fate by hard work.

Qazi Farhan Zeb writes from Pakistan



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