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A little entity of people actually know, and or care to know how much ‘drills’ a knowledgeable fellow went through when swimming in books; they only look in wonderment as an intellect rolls out hells of vocabulary and heavens of details. Little do they know that those details he rolls out were taken in bit by bit in page by page.

Knowledgeable fellows know what it was, what is it, what it has been, what it may be, or likely forever to be. Hence, to me knowledge is staying update to events as they keep unfolding. Knowledge is being saddled with enough details that make you distinguish and excel. Knowledgeable fellows know what the present things were before they got to this stage.

However, they are always criticise, discriminate and ‘oppressed.’ The truth is, ‘Great minds are always feared by lesser minds.’

Lesser or average minds are afraid of dominance by the great minds. They feel intimidated around them,why wouldnt they be when the guys keep bombasting them with unending details. Also Jelousy is a factor.

But, when knowledge actually ‘en-shine’ its fellows, such fellows become ‘our child!’

I agree that Knowledge is too much a detail, yet people in it dont have two or more heads. It only require sacrifice (Sacra- sacred Face- make). Do I need to suffocate you with names?

Even Aleister Crowler, whom the Church had deemed ‘the most evil man to ever lived’ was a knowledgeable fellow!

  • ” To live in the world without becoming aware of the meaning of the world is like wondering about in a great library, without touching the books……We fear what we dont understand.” – Dan Brown

  • ” Great minds are always feared by lesser minds, there is a shadow universe beyond this one… A world from which I can draw powers..” – Aleister Crowler – a visionary mystic from early 1900s.

By: Jimson Jaat Taofik
Facebook: Jimoh Taofik Adekunle
Phone: 08144510532
Email: [email protected]
Apr 3, 2016


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