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Judiciary Arm Of NANIGLAWS Holds A Seminar On Behalf Of Her Members



The Judiciary Arm of National Association of Niger State Law Students (NANIGLAWS), Fodiyo Varsity held a seminar, yesterday, Sunday, 28th of April, 2019 in order to enlighten members of the said association about what legal procedure is all about. The seminar was advanced by Muhammad Abdullah Kagara, 500 Level, the Principal Partner of Anachi Chambers and Fridaus Aminu Babasalaty, 500 Level, the Principal Partner of Kutigi Chambers of NANIGLAWS respectively.

The seminar was held in Moot Court, Faculty of Law and many areas of law bordering on how cases are battle out in Court rooms were unraveled. Firdaus Aminu Babasalaty explaining the basic aim of the seminar said it was basically aim in increasing basic knowledge of legal procedure. In her words, she said:
“We started with the basic part of proceeding; how to institute an action in a case, starting from the arrest after the crime has been committed, how the police arrest, what the police does before taking a criminal to the court. I think that is the basis of any court case and that’s the aim of this seminar.”

She stated how she was impressed by the turnout from members of NANIGLAWS and also gave assurance of the feasibility of progressiveness of the association in term judicial activities. She said:
“We have laid a basis and we hope they continue, but we can’t just be hoping. We also need to work on it. So, I will say that we have make some level of progress because this particular seminar, even though the idea was advanced by both me and Muhammad Kagara but the current president of NANIGLAWS is a very progressive person and he initiated it. He was the one brought the idea. So laying my view on him and few of other officials of NANIGLAWS, I would say that, I believe they would continue it.”

Also, Muhammad Abdullah Kagara shone his words about the turnout of the NANIGLAWS members, that it was really encouraging and it shows the level of seriousness and determination and zeal of members of association to learn about procedural law. He stated that law is not only about substantive law but also a procedure law for the beauty of law is in practice.

When being asked to give percentage to level of cooperation from the members of the association about the seminar. He said:
“I was very very impressed from the seminar we had because after taken them through the rudiments of criminal trial itself, we were able to asked them questions and they said you can be able to know if somebody knows something that after asking question and you had the response, so the response from them wasn’t even really like response from somebody that had it (seminar) for the first time. They were very very captivating; they understood it very well.”

He recapitulated his point by saying he is very sure that at this stage, even if they are going to leave, the members of NANIGLAWS are going to do wonderful well and they would represent Niger State Law Students wonderfully in all legal proceedings within the faculty and outside.

Hammed J. Sulaiman Reporting for REPUBLICAN ONLINE NEWSPAPER

Hammed J. Sulaiman is a Poet/Essayist/Writer, Student of Law from the Most Peaceful University in Nigeria, UDUSOK. Editor at Winsala Muses. Publisher/Veteran Journalist with Republican Newspaper Nigeria.

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