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Jennifer Chinonye Umeh’s Bully Story: The Inception and Her Deception To The World



The narration of the accused course mates.

Before going into details I’ll like to define the word “Bully”, Bully simply means to frighten, hurt, or threaten (a smaller or weaker person) or to cause (someone) to do something by making threats or insults or by using force.

Going by the above definition, is Jennifer someone that can be bullied?

Read the story below before you conclude

Everyone knows how bitter politics can be in our society, we’ve all witnessed/read series of reports of attacks in the Nigerian Higher Institutions when it comes to Students’ Union elections so Jennifer’s case shouldn’t be treated like she’s been a victim of humiliation, no one has ever humiliated her. If every students that has had issues due to school elections should come out to claim victims of Bully, then we all won’t use social media again.

It all happened during our HND1 first semester, when it was time for the departments’ presidential elections, Jennifer Umeh used to be a close pal to one of the contestants which she’s accusing of being the big boy of the class who front the attack on her today, she was in a kind of intimate relationship with the then Depertmental President who also had his presidential candidate for the election, this made Jennifer to support her guy’s candidate, she then started to blackmail his first friend who happens to be the accused big boy that if voted into power, he will use the association funds to father his son/daughter because the alleged big boy’s girlfriend in ‘OND’ was pregnant then. She has issues with this guy but no one cares to know and being his friends and a friend to some of his friends go against her, blackmailing their friend. This issue caused a brawl and formation of caucus in the class.

Of course, that’s how politics is always be but Jeniffer didn’t tell her facebook friends how she blackmailed the presidential aspirant, call him names and reported the issue to the security on campus, being the first person to play smart to report her one sided story, those guys were made to apologise to her and in order to settle everything, the HOD organised a picnic in his residence for everyone to settle the rift and that is how everything got settled within two weeks.

Along the line, we all have watched her post series of lies to the world to support her Bully claims and we don’t really care because, nobody got her time and we all understand its business strategy and she’s using us to climb her way to success.

But recently, she uploaded a picture of her being beaten by her course mates who she has spent eight years of her life with without being touched. This is the same girl that was awarded best entrepreneur in the class, this is the same girl that was given a contract even when others showed interest. We intentionally gave her that contract to clear all rift and maintain peaceful relationship. we all saw how she geogeously dressed to her class dinner party, can someone who’s being bullied and shown much hatred ever feel that comfortable among those she tagged enemies to the world?

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Having posted about the attack incident on the 16th of October, Jennifer admitted she’s got what she wanted as usual (the self pity and advertisement),

She posted. “I just left work right now.
I entered go ka da. Some guys blocked me and started beating me. They were calling me Jennifer diary anty bully. Some people stopped to help me. I am currently in the hospital. I just decided to post this here b4 i go offline. Until I die, I will never change my business name. Blinky is the name you gave me and I will continue to ans it. Thank you for tonight”

She ignored every comment that requested she brings out facts and also make reports to the appropriate quarters under this post, she deleted comments and blocked all the course mates who could have revealed their own side of the story and made some other posts on the 17th of October where she said, ” Bullying stops here T-shirt now available in any color and size. Price is 1500″

In another one she wrote “Today we have a re launch of our Anti Bullying T-shirt. Pick one for 1500 and support my movement. Very soon we will be giving it out for free #BlinkAgainstBulling # BullyingEndsWithme ”

Which means she has swept the case under the carpet?

She’s forgiven the culprits that attacked her or she’s no longer a victim?
So next month she’ll come up with another story and make advertisements a day after?

Someone should help tell Jennifer that there are better ways to make sales and not through this because karma is real Jennifer should desist fooling the world /her facebook friends who do not know her for who she truly is, they should ask anyone who has been closed to her in one way or the other. Mind you, the course mates she accused are serving in different states across the country. This would be our last post on this matter. Those that want to believe should believe and those that doesn’t want to believe should ignore. We shall never make any comment on this again. Interview staged on one Xpress newspaper where she is being regarded as University of Ilorin Student, she faked attack to wore a pitiable look and paint her course mates who are in different states for NYSC. All is well and fine but three things cannot be long hidden: The Sun, The Moon and The Truth.


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