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Illuminati, at the back of the Dollar note


I became fascinated with the cult when I first learned that U.S. currency is covered with Illuminati symbology. Look at the back. See the Great Seal on the left. I mean the pyramid. The pyramid. Do you know what pyramids have to do with U.S. history? Actually, nothing.
So why is it the central symbol of your Great Seal? It’s an eerie bit of history. The pyramid is an occult symbol representing a convergence upward, toward the ultimate source of Illumination.
There’s an eye inside a triangle. It’s called the trinacria. It’s emblazoned on Masonic lodges around the world. However, the symbol is not Masonic. It’s Illuminati. They called it their ‘shining delta.’ A call for enlightened change. The eye signifies the Illuminati’s ability to infiltrate and watch all things. The shining triangle represents enlightenment. And the triangle is also the Greek letter delta, which is the mathematical symbol for change. And or transition.
The writing under the pyramid says Novus Ordo Seculorum, which means New Secular Order. Secular as in nonreligious. The phrase not only clearly states the Illuminati objective, but it also blatantly contradicts the phrase beside it. In God We Trust.
How could all this symbology end up on the most powerful currency in the world, you may ask? Most academics believe it was through Vice President Henry Wallace. He was an upper echelon Mason and certainly had ties to the Illuminati. Whether it was as a member or innocently under their influence, nobody knows. But it was Wallace who sold the design of the Great Seal to the president. The president was Franklin D. Roosevelt. Wallace simply told him Novus Ordo Seculorum meant New Deal. And Roosevelt didn’t have to ask anyone else look at the symbol before telling the Treasury to print it. There’s no need. He and Wallace belonged to the same brotherhood. Franklin D. Roosevelt was a well-known Mason.

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Written by: Jimoh Taofik Adekunle
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