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How i lost everything in 5 minutes


It all happened 10 years ago, My friends and I had a hide out where we normally sit down and carried out our operations, One day A Lady is coming from a far, to be candid she is perfect metaphor for Beauty, she is good looking both front and back, she lights in complexion, Her long well plaited braids fell across her neck. My heart skipped a beat on seeing her. I told my friends I must taste this babe, haaaa “she set” I said.

As she came near us I went to her and began the conversation, babe wait what’s up? How are you doing? She said she is fine! Oh wow!!! What a cool voice, please what’s your name? I asked, My name is Aishat, oh my God! what a pretty name I said my name is Mubaraq, I lied to her because, I am from Christian home my name is Richard, but because I want to achieve my goal I lied to her by changing my name.

So, where are you going? I asked, She said what concerned you about that, excuse me please, I signal my friends, they carried her she shouted for help, but no one could hear, there was an uncompleted building where we normally execute our operations, I undressed and rape her, after 5 minutes of pleasure, i was very happy but Something surprised me, Aishat is still a virgin, I happened to be the first person. She wept bitterly, which made me uncomfortable. Though I tried to calm her I said don’t you enjoy it? You have a very good tone walahi, if you wish to be a musician you will win the best vocal artiste trust me.

The next day, I was thinking and worried about the incident, my friends came to my house and said are you serious at all, are we just doing this? Abeg Oga don’t dull us let’s go out, we have some fun to catch up today, go and dress up let’s go out. That’s how my friends made me forgot everything.

10 years later, it happened that, I can see myself rich, not only rich, more than enough money, many cars, houses and companies with happy family. Suddenly I will wake up, they are all nightmare. And my present condition is very critical in real life, I eat once in 2 days, even that once was given to me by someone, I can’t continue my life like this I enjoyed in my dream and suffering in real life, I cried bitterly every present day. One day one my friends told me, he will take me to one Baba, all my problems will become joy, the only reply I gave him was, can we go now? He replied tomorrow morning I should come to his house.

The next day at Baba’s Place, Baba said I should take out #100, and say my request to the money, I was just looking at him like a monkey for, I don’t have penny on me, Baba said why are you you looking at me like that? I’m busy I don’t have time for this, my friend beg him and gave me #100, I did as he said, after consulting Oracle he told me, you made a huge mistake 10years ago, all what you’ve been seeing in your dream are true and that supposed to be your present condition by now, and if you don’t act fast your death remains 7 days. Yeeh!!!! I’m doomed!! I shouted this is trouble oo, I’m done for, he said I should remember vividly, because we need the person else count down to my death begins today.

There are many things we did that time how will I remember? I asked myself, I remembered Iya Ajoke that arrested me because I raped her daughter, One Mr. Alabi’s daughter I played, how can I know the exact person. Baba said, how many ladies have you deflowered in your life? Hmmmmm if I can remember Is only one. That’s the person Baba said, haaa I don’t know her house I don’t know anything connected to her, Baba please help me I cried, Baba said that’s it, when you are doing evil you won’t know but later you said it is devil. He said OK I will give you a soap you will use it to bath after that go and look for her, you will find her or something related to her as he assured me. And keep it in mind if you wish to live again come with her within 7 days.

If I found her I will update this post, if no that means I’m dead. Assume I’m still looking for her.

What are your wishes for me? Comment…..


Written By: Adigun Toyeeb (Emperor)
Phone number: 08140761928
Facebook: Adigun Holuwarsheyi
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