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Feminism and The African Society



From the inception of time, Africa of diversed peoples has cultivated her traditions and cultures that make up the natives’ lives. And it has peacefully remain so with no hitch or kerfuffle.

For instance, gender issues have never posed a problem to the Africans. There are parts that women are the breadwinners (exp: Afanti of Ghana and Niger Delta women of Nigeria), and some where women even reach Monarchy. On the other hand, there are parts where man supremacy is supreme. Whatever men say is final. They constitute the government machery – kings, chiefs, security, cult groups, etc. And the family heads. To African reasoning, nothing is bad therein. Whatever that’s called tradition/culture is ‘sacredly’ uphold.

Of what use is to compare two things that differ physically, psychologically, sexually, physiologically and other lies?

Two beings that don’t have same attributes, that don’t perform same functions, carry same responsibilities BUT are asking be accorded the same treatment, acceptance and recognition. This is one argument that doesn’t suppose to see the light of the day in Africa. Two beings clamouring for equal right, or rather one sex-gender feels ‘cheated’, ‘disregarded’ and snubbed, thus seeks be given the same treatments as extend to its gender counterpart.

Come to think of it; one is a logical being, the other has verbal prowess, the former does more of quiet meditation/reasoning and the latter has verbal prowess. One is physically stronger than the other, one loves attention/praises than the other. One is moved by sight, one is moved by ears. What’s comparing, anyway? And can equality be given to two things that are not of same hierarchy, substance and ‘ingridients’?

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In Western world, feminism is so taken up to a stage of absurdity that the feminists, especially women challenge as much as Divinity. They ask why 98℅ of leaders, prophets, messengers in the Bible were men. Al-Qur’an of the Muslims states clearly that Allah (God) sent no one as prophets and or messengers except men (Suratul-Yusuf). Some feminists wouldn’t take chairman title but prefer be addressed as chairperson, they wouldn’t want to take the adjective ‘wife’.

To Africa society, feminism is strange. It’s like there’s a new, growing ‘specie’ of women who just choose to defy norms of tradition. That chooses to stand on men’s neck. Especially as it is discovered that reasons for growing feministic in Africa differ from that of their counterparts in other parts of the world. Broken homes, sexual and or physical abuses irresponsible fathers, trying to sound Western – buy idea, personal choice/conviction, peer and or societal influences, fear/detest of/for male gender are identified.

Jimson Jaat Taofik
Facebook: Jimoh Taofik Adekunle
Phone: +2348144510532

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