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Family As Foundation Of Societal Failure


I once learnt that the first citadel of learning in life is a family. The very first person is built from home. This, I believe, informed my secondary school principal, Mr. Onatola’s constant words: ‘you are the reflection of your parents; your home and family at large.’

How true those words are!

However, cacophony of problems the society faces now has family failure as foundation.

From family to society, from society to state, then national level. Of course, since the formation has forever been; “products of each family are called citizens.”

One is but at the crossroad who is to blame: the past or present generation?

Things are getting worse everyday. Older people look at today’s youths with dismay, as they almost share no resemblance. Disregardful. Hasty. Proud. Immoral. Illicit Acts. And aloof. What would the literary giant (Wọlé Soyinka) define this generation of ours as if he could described his as “wasted generation”?

Personally, I opine that things are thus because the older people leave the younger ones to their fate. I would argue if any says things are thus like this shouldn’t be connected to the older generation.

I would say a big NO. Older generations are to blame. Today’s parents have this “School teaches all” syndrome, hence (stop and) fail to impact good attitudes and morals in today’s generation, courtesy of their belief that everything is taught in school. They fail to realise the line drawn between illiteracy and ignorance.

One may be be educated and still be ignorant.

To rectified this at school level. Schools must basically carries three things as primary assignments. Students in their care must be developed academically, morally and spiritually.

At home, after the trio are done, parents should do more than ‘money donation’ to their children. Not everything is all about money given to children. It’s a sign of love, care, believe and insure in their future though, but more is still required.

What about Time?

Parents no longer care, or is it lethargy, about their children’s whereabouts. Who they relate with, where they visit, what they do and how they do it. Even what they watch on the television. Anyone above 16 is considered adults here!

Sadly, that’s how everything keeps getting worse. Are you seen the children this generation produces? That will be the next generation. Their upbringing is worse compared to ours.

Written by: Adigun Toyeeb Oluwaseyi (Emperor)
Gmail:[email protected]
Facebook:-Adigun Holuwarsheyi

Edited by: Jimoh Taofik Adekunle (Jimson Jaat Taofik)


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