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Edo 2020: Seeing Odubu As The Moses Of Edolites



Isaac Asabor

It is not an exaggeration to say that the Bible’s magnum opus, which is invariably the book of exodus exhaustively dealt on leadership characters possessed by Moses, and which to a large extent define the trajectory of human thinking and actions, particularly in the sphere of political leadership.

One of the leaders in Nigeria that can be said to have imbibed Moses’ leadership qualities is, to most political observers, particularly in Edo state, is no doubt Dr. Pius Odubu.
For the sake of clarity, it is expedient to throw insight to the personality of Moses, and then move ahead to analytically buttress the commonalities between the leadership qualities of Moses and Odubu.

Against the foregoing backdrop, it is expedient to say that Moses would always be remembered in the Christendom as a people-oriented leader. His only message to the stone-hearted Pharaoh was encapsulated in only four words; “Let my people go”. Apart from spearheading the deliverance of the Jews from the hands of the Egyptians, Moses, at various times stood for his people (the Jews) during the period Egypt was atrophied by plagues. He spiritually interceded for the Jews at the brink of the Red Sea and variously played similar roles when God blessed the Jews with manna, quails and water in the desert. Simply put, Moses was the messiah of the Jews. He saw their collective problem as his problem.

Analyzed from the preceding perspective, one is compelled to buttress the fact that Dr. Pius Odubu would, upon clinching the topnotch political position in the state come November 2020, would become the Moses of Edo people at this time of their need.

Before the views of this writer is countered, let’s ask ourselves, “If any of our leaders truly understands what the people of Edo people have being passing through as a result of maladministration and its attendant governance gap, would he not be compelled to bring his mosaic leadership style to bear in order to instill an atmosphere of better life for his people?” Without doubt, the foregoing mission is what Odubu wants to achieve for his people in Edo State.

The book of Proverbs chapter 3 verse 27 says “Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act.” Furthermore, verse 28 says “Do not say to your neighbour, come back later, I’ll give it tomorrow, when you have it with you.” Edo people should, please, in the forthcoming elections in the state in which Odubu will feature as one of the frontline contestants vote for him as he is poised to play an interventionist role for the people of Edo. I believe they can make his emergence as the governor of the state possible. I know some critics will resort to finding fault in my advocacy in this context. Not minding that, the reason why this advocacy will come under criticism is that the critics per se in this context are not directly affected by the problem bad governance has created for the people of Edo State.

After all, an African proverb says those that are not bereaved are wont to get drunk and disorganize a funeral rite that is not connected to them. But the bereaved cannot but be decorous.

There is no denying the fact that not a few Edolites are unhappy with the state of governance in the state, and this is no doubt very understandable as distrust runs high amid fiscal pressures that are unprecedentedly mounting, so much so that service delivery in most cases does not reach a large demographic segment of the population in the state.

Be that as it may, the barometer of public opinion in the state suggests that the incumbent governor has done his best, or better still reached his tether’s end, particularly when viewed from the fact that he has unarguably been bringing his past experiences as a technocrat and chairman of Edo State Economic and Strategic Team to bear on the ongoing leadership process. Simply put, there are still agitations from a wide spectrum of the population in the state that his overall performance so far still leaves much to be desired.
Two notable scriptures in the book of Psalm in the bible vividly summarize the feelings of the people as they are literarily groaning under bad leadership. Psalm 137 verse 1 reflects the mood of the Jews when they were in dire need of freedom from oppressive government as follows: “By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion.” This particular verse was later turned to a lyrical hit by U-Roy, a reggae artist that held the entire reggae lovers across the world spellbound in the 70s by richly infusing his music with Jamaican patios.

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The book of Proverbs chapter 29 verse 2 no doubt encapsulates the plight of the entire Edolites; both at home and in diaspora, as it stated that “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; But when a wicked man rules, the people groan”. Without any scintilla of exaggeration, the people of Edo state are groaning. They need a man like Odubu to occupy Osadebey’s Avenue. They need a leader that shares the same leadership characteristics with Moses. That man, no doubt, in the next political dispensation is Dr. Pius Odubu.

Permit me to say that Edolites in the next elections need to heed to late Ras Kimono’s call in Under Pressure that there is need for everyone to free himself or herself from the pangs of poverty and bad governance. Permit me to say that freeing oneself from poverty and bad governance in this context is to vote for the man that has Mosaic leadership qualities.

With a sense of equanimity, Edo people at the moment need a Moses in the person of Odubu. They need a Moses that would deliver them from the paroxysms of bad governance. They need a Moses that has the capacity to unify them, restore them to peace, state of security and dignity in the same vein take Edo State to the next level. Edo people need a governor that is a team player, and whose mantra is “Together We Can”.

Indeed, the people of Edo need a Moses that is ready to be on bended knees and clasped hands in prayer for them at all times. They need a Moses that would always go with God the same way the biblical Moses always went about with his rod. Moses, as variously recorded in the bible, interceded for the Jews so much so that he became a mediator between God and the Jews. To me, Odubu can do the same.

At a forum that may be likened to present day Town Hall event, Moses stood before the people as recorded in Exodus chapter 14 verse 13 to 14 and assured them “…Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the LORD will bring you today.

The Egyptians you see today you will never see again. It will be contextually recall that in virtually all the “Town Hall” meetings which Odubu has held since he became visible on Edo’s political space that his mien has always portray him as a man that is not afraid of what the socio-economic and political pendulum suggest. His demeanor has no doubt depicted him as the right man that can take Edo state to the next level. Simply put, he is fearless and confident.

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