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Cultism: Death In High School



Unleashing terror and distribution of deaths were never part of the purpose(s) for which ‘Pyrates,’ the first student-cult-group was founded in the late 1950s at the then University College, Ibadan by professors Wole Soyinka, Muyiwa Awe, late Ralph Opara, Frank Imoukhuede, Ben Egbuchelam, Pius Olegbe and Nathaniel Oyelola.

The group was accepted in those days as it spread to other universities, leaving in its wake a proliferation of rival cult groups. Before 1971, there was on question about the security of life on campus.

However, the news of the death of one Kunle Adepeju, the first student to lose his life to police bullet in a confrontation with the university authority in 1971, hit the nation; it sparked off a crisis of anti-police reactions.

And with no precedent of comparable tragedy, it became a national loss; marked annually by students until recently.
On the other hand, emergence of rival sects and their constant fights for superiority soon redefined the objectives and operations of cult groups in our high schools. And that was the genesis of steady degradation of human life in our campuses.

These campus lords now organize themselves in gangster-like fashion with innocent students as primary target of their evil intentions.

Presently, the menace of cultism has assumed a frightening dimension. It’s no longer a university affair – polytechnics, colleges of education and even secondary schools are almost practically turned into death traps by cultists!

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Students are mimed, threatened,abused,even hacked down in broad daylight or scared away from school by cultists while school authorities watch helplessly.

In the same vein, it has reached a saddening rate that one student cutting off the head of another no longer constitute an emergency. Obviously, due to the increasing frequency of occurence, strengthening the forces of evil which have continued to unleash terror on staff and students, and threatening the very foundation of our educational system.

Culled From: ‘Campus Rumpus’ by Jeffrey Wandara

And Published With Permission by:
Jimoh Taofik Adekunle
Jimson Jaat Taofik

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