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Bad Leadership, Cancarworm In Nigerian System


From years of histories of trabalism, nepotism and religious bigotry Nigeria has again and again proved – still proves that it’s a merely geographical expression.

This piece is titled ‘cancarworm in Nigeria’ courtesy of corruption, which has imbimbed itself into the Nigerian bloodstream.

It has eaten deeply into the Nigerian system, and in the process destroys its image in the eye of other nations of the world.

In 2012, Nigeria is ranked 13 outl of 176 of corrupt countries on the International Index.

This infection idiosyncrasy has spread into the system of the citizens. It ought be anyone found guilty of loot by appropriate anti-corruption agency(ies) should face death penalty in court. As it is practiced in China. This will inculcate in the Nigerian citizenry fears of discipline and total refrain.

After all, even our dearest neighbour-Ghana established this, and it’s was a success.

Furthermore, needless for office tenure enlongation. Much time in power amount to tyranny.

And, what’s this about these ‘nay and yea’ legislooters? Their intention, as evident is to loot. Nothing more. Where are they so many empty seats when we watching their sittings on the television? They seem to come the Assembly at will; when important issues or to havoc another wreck on the laws. Even “important issues” means issues that have to do with their survival. They throw flimsy discussions in the House, fight over unnecessaries and collect giant allowances over everything. Things not being worked.

It’s often asked, why owing civil workers salaries for months is a norm now, while exorbitant monies are charted away from the National Treasury to various accounts – at home and in foreign banks – of these legislooters? So exorbitant that they confessed before the Press that they were unaware of how much each of them is being paid. Well, not until Sheu Sanni’s revealation.

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When would they pass bill to reduce their salaries and allowances? Well, may be if the President reduce his, let see who will refuse to. Leaders are on the fore, leaving examplaries!

Nigeria is blessed with everything. Well, almost everything. Sadly, among the notable ‘excepts’ is people who will be at it, managing the resources. Such is called leadership.

If the United States of America ‘runs out’ of petroluem today, it still has enough in stock that can serve its residents for 50 years to come. Imagine same could be said for Nigeria.

Lastly, the 1999 Constituion needs be reviewed. Some lapses need be looked into – amended. Instances are the immunity Claus (the part of the constitution that talks about period to spent in public office) and the part that talks about establishment of National Assembly Autonomy; they all should be amended. Review of the 1999 constitution will give hope of a better future and reduce act of corruption – if not eradicate to to a minimum level. As it’s rightly said, “if we don’t kill corruption it will kill us, Nigerians.”

Written by: Miss Idris Amina Alata
Mhiz Dynamic: E-Toy
Facebook: Miss Adhuke
Phone: +2348084535752

Edited by: Jimson Jaat Taofik
The MAD Writer:Pen Priest


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