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THE REPUBLICAN ONLINE NEWSPAPER was established to Sustain the core Objectives of Journalism, perform the cardinal functions of the popular mass media: informing, educating and entertaining Nigerians and the world at large.

THE REPUBLICAN is a daily Newspaper published by REPUBLICAN NETWORK, Nigeria. REPUBLICAN Newspaper was established by Young Veteran Journalist Adejayan Oluwagbenga Gsong, his Journalistic antecedent fetched him the Popular name “REPORTER GSONG” which he’s fondly call.

THE REPUBLICAN ONLINE NEWSPAPER is well known for tradition of breaking cogent and real time news,exigent information. REPUBLICAN have long – earned public trust being widely acceptable by Nigerians for Providing unbiased analyses and public Opinions within Nigeria and beyond.  It is a medium for providing breaking,real-time news and facts. REPUBLICAN is known for publishing the good people’s interests and also providing deep information on Politics,Sports,Businesses,Entertainment,tourism,health,technology,among others.


THE REPUBLICAN is also  a platform for promoting the People’s will,true Journalism,breeding verifiable and unbiased news. A newsroom for accurate social commentaries for people wishing to exercise their freedom of speech and expression in the public interest and common good.

Find out breaking news, trending news in Nigeria and beyond, what is making headlines today on the REPUBLICAN ONLINE NEWSPAPER .



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