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​NAMLAS-UDUS Holds Her Orientation Program, Advised And Pledges Support To New Students



The National Association of Muslim Law Students, Usman Danfodiyo University Chapter, Sokoto on 11th April, yesterday at the faculty moot court held her orientation program on behalf of new students. The program has in tag, refreshment and faculty tour as other programs. The program was aimed at encouraging new Muslim students and to expose them to cranny and crick of studying law.

NAMLAS as an association had been an Islamic oriented group aiming at rendering services to humanity generally, particularly law students and the orientation was purposely aimed to encourage and advise new students. In his speech, Ameer in person of Musa Kudu Muhammad, while speaking with him stated the aims and objectives of the orientation, he said:

“You see, the aims and objectives of this orientation, the aims are to actually encourage new students as they are coming in and to tell them the purposes of why they are here, to tell them how they can become more serious and how they can achieve their goals by encouraging them, making them see reason why they should become assets not liabilities to Islam on general note.”
He recapitulated his point by explaining the nexus of religious and legal struggle of the said association, expatiating that jihad is more or less an intellectual war, and so Muslim students should be educated to uplift Islam by striving hard and become intellectuals in legal profession to minimize any sort of problem that may arise.
Hafsat Nurudeen, the Ameerah of the said association also shed light on the orientation, speaks of the orientation as purposely organized for new students, so as to help them to be familiar with the environment, since its a new place for them. It is also to guide them on what to do in the faculty and how to help them and encourage them to read hard and study.
When being asked of improvement made by the association in term of educational activities within the faculty, she said: 

“In this faculty, most of the students are Muslims, that is a good thing, and this association holds many activities, like last year, we held Qur’anic recitation competition and also public lecture. You see public lecture encourages education activities and whereby Qur’anic recitation Islamic aspect of it.

So, purposely, all of it just to encourage Muslims since they are students in this faculty, to do many things, to participate in extra curricular activities, not just to study, study and study.” She stated.
The program had in attendance, five panelists; the Ameer of the association, Musa Kudu Muhammad. The Registrar of UDUS-LSS, Muhammad Abdullahi Kagara. The Chief Judge of UDUS-LSS, Manzuma Ibrahim. The Head of Law Clinic, Fodio Jodi and the Principal Partner of Kabiru Tanimu Turaki Chambers, Ilyas Etsu Kolo.
The anchor of the Panelists, Attahiru Haruna, maintained the ambiance of the program to be interactive and scintillating with the Panelists and new students and all other students present, by asking questions and seeking suggestions and opinions.
Musa Kudu Muhammad talked of mentorship, Muhammad Abdullahi Kagara speaks on setting goals, Manzuma Ibrahim unveiled to the students discipline and its pros, Fodio Jodi speaks of challenges of law students while Ilyas Etsu Kolo shone his opinion on how to overcome challenges of being a law student.
The dusk of the program sees it to ‘menu-menu’ and faculty tour – when students were led by Anchor of the Panelists and journeyed through buildings within the faculty so as to be more cognizant of the buildings. The program was well cordinated and went flawlessly from its dawn till its dusk.

Hammed J. Sulaiman

Poet/Essayist/Writer, Student of Law from the Most Peaceful University in Nigeria, UDUSOK. Editor at Winsala Muses. Publisher/Veteran Journalist with Republican Newspaper Nigeria.


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