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​MOCK AND MOOT TRIAL: The Criminal Trial Festival Of ECOWAS Chambers continues, PP Yet Rolls Out Burger Of Advices



The Principal Partner of ECOWAS Chambers, Musa Kudu Muhammad, yet gave out new advices to other law students and his fellow Principal Partners within the faculty of law, Fodiyo Varsity. He was put on record yesterday at the Faculty Moot Court, Friday 5th of April, as the Criminal Trial Festival of the said Chambers was in continuation.

The festive had started last week Friday, 29th of March, which was an initiative brought by ECOWAS Principal Partner himself in order to actually enhance the advocacy skills among students whereby two students were paired in a team against two students from other team. Last week friday, the cases were all mentioned and adjourned for hearing. He unveiled as cases continue yesterday, the motifs and the next-stage of the hearing and after it.

He said; “Last week, we started with mention, where all cases were mentioned, so they were adjourned last week for hearing, so this is the hearing which is almost coming to an end; that is, they bring their witnesses in order to perfect questions – out of questioning: it is open ended questions in examination in chief and also close ended questions which are otherwise called leading questions.

“After this, just like court setting, is continuation of hearing, so this week we intend to take all the witnesses of the prosecution and next week, all the witnesses of the defence counsels, so after that we would close the hearing and upper Friday would be for adoption of addresses in respect of the witnesses tendered.” He said.

Meanwhile, speaking with him of rendering advices, if any, to other Principal Partners of other Chambers. In doing so, he aligned himself with one of the sayings of Dr. Ibrahim Abdullahi.

“There is a saying according to Dr. Ibrahim Abdullahi, he said – God only invest in the field of those who invest in their own field. So, I would first of all start to advice the members, partners rather to work hard because this is a learning ground.

“They should try to make this to be the highland as legal practitioners and also extendly to other Principal Partners out there to put more effort, to see that they are able to actually fit in to the labour market because the labour market is quite saturated. Law profession is not a theoretical progression, its a practical profession; so that they will learn how to walk the talk.” He urged.

Hammed J. Sulaiman is a Poet/Essayist/Reporter, Student of Law from the Most Peaceful University in Nigeria, UDUSOK. Editor at Winsala Muses. Publisher/Veteran Journalist with Republican Newspaper Nigeria.


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